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Planning with the end in mind

The Track Group® focuses on what should be done given your desired outcomes.  We do this as the “outsider” searching beyond existing activities, programs and questions. Thinking backwards, logically, to understand how best to achieve results.  

Our contribution to your growth is to help you consider options that are economically and politically viable within the organization.

Implementing the details matters

The Track Group keeps you on track with simple processes to manage project details.

Your Future

Exponential growth demands a unique lens to support forward decision making. Models and theories based on first principle thinking are critical tools to break from convention.  

The Track Group has developed practical models in support of your exponential growth pursuits.  These models guide you how to think rather than what to think and allow you to see the future clearly. 



Founded in 1995, The Track Group, Inc. is headquartered in the Washington, DC metro region.